Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ready for a laugh?

On a Friday night my mom and I went and took Giana to her first movie Finding Nemo 3D.

We braved it and wondered if she would sit through the whole thing. On many occasions she has watched Nemo and just loves the movie so we thought we would give it a whirl. She loved it, sat through the whole thing and ate nearly all the medium popcorn. Which later explained why she complained of her tummy hurting.  BUT before the movie started there was a short movie from Toy Story. And who does not love Toy Story? I think it was so funny so when it came onto the Internet to watch I had to share it in case you did not venture to see Finding Nemo.
my favorite part has got to be the sprinkler! YAH MON

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who's That Guy?

A few weeks back we were watching TV and a commercial comes on.
 Giana turns to Kavin and asks him
"daddy, who is that guy? I don't know who is he and he is on TV to much. I just don't know who he is."
Well the guy she was inquiring about was none other than President Obama. So apparently the big debates and commercials have caught her attention. So tonight I was flipping through the channels and there they were side by side Obama and Romney. 
And to my surprise she remembered them and got more excited than I think a 3 year old should get.


And not only did she remember Obama but she also remembered that 
the other guy was the..."PUBLICAN!"

Although at 3 she has already taken a side because as she put it to me....
I like the President because he is a BIG BOY just like DADDY!
If only it were that easy.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is Here!

On this great September fall day we headed out to the Pumpkin farm with Giana's cousin, Hunter.
It is cute because at 3 and 4 they will play together but yet still are on their own thing.

To much fun!
Gotta love some pumpkin fun

SHE'S 3!!!!!

Well our little girl has turned 3. It has the most amazing 3 years.
And every year seems to get better and better.
So for this birthday we decided to go somewhere special on her birthday.

We took the day off and took a train ride.

And when we got to our destination we headed to

And to none other than.....

We ate lunch

Even Jaylen, her bitty baby, had some tea


Mac & Cheese
American Girl Style

Had Dessert

Then Jaylen Got her hair done
because boy did she need it

The Finished Product

Then we headed down
Michigan Avenue

And went back home

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Giana's new pet

Giana LOVES the bubble guppies show on nickelodeon and there is a particular show that they all talk about having a pet. She watches it over and over. And she has been talking about having a pet more and more. She said she wanted a dog but we are still working on daddy for that one. So what is the next best thing? A GOLDFISH....named NEMO
When we got her she talked about how she need food to feed him, a tank for him to sleep
AND a lease to take him for a walk. ;)

Welcome to the family NEMO!